Quality system certification

Quality system certification

To meet our customers’ demands with regards to quality and service, state of the art production machinery is not enough on its own. In addition we have developed and implemented aided design and ERP software.

We are constantly investing in product and technical certifications. Furthermore, as far as our Quality System is concerned, we have decided to adhere to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 as a tool for ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and the quality requirements our market is asking for. Our procedural system has been optimized in order for it to be able to manage project of different complexity, thus guaranteeing not only the product quality, but also the quality of the activities of technical and logistic support connected with our product.

In order to reach our goals we daily produce project specific Quality and Test Plans, offer materials traceability and quality certificates and carry out continuous visual and dimensional checks.

Each project is analysed and verified in order to guarantee its accuracy and feasibility. During the design of the coil we produce documents such as Quality Control Plan, Welding Map and Production Plan. This allows us to keep all the design and construction phases under control.

Each phase of our production is verified through the specific controls required by the Quality Control Plan. Visual checks and non destructive testing are executed by our team, which is qualified in accordance to UNI EN 9712-2020 and SNT-TC-1A (2020).

Furthermore, our Quality System calls for a continous monitoring of our customer satisfaction level and for a check over the results we have obtained. This allows us to reach the goals we have set and to guarantee a continuos improvement of our company performance.

We are also continously investing in technical and product certifications.