Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel

Only those companies who keep investing in Research and Development are capable of offering to their customers both actual technical skills and great quality.
That is one of the main reasons why we are dedicating always more resources into this activity. In particular, we have recently started to build an extremely modern wind tunnel. Works have begun in 2014 and should be finished by mid 2015. Here you can find its main technical features:

– Total amount spent: over 350 000 Euro
– Designed together with the Padoa University
– Built according to ANSI/ASHRAE 33-2000 “Methods of Testing Forced Circulation Air Cooling and Air Heating Coils”
– Tunnel dimensions: 6 x 14m
– Max. dimensions for the coil that will be tested: 840 x 840mm
– Max. air face velocity: 4.0 m/s (for testing according to ASHRAE 33)
– Min. air face velocity: 1.5 m/s (for testing according to ASHRAE 33)
– Max./Min. air velocity: 0.5 – 5.5 m/s
– Max. pressure drop: 1000 Pa
– Max. air inlet conditions: 45°C, UR 50% (50 g/Kg)
– Min. air inlet conditions: -15 °C, UR 100%
– Max. air outlet temperature: 110° C
– Tubes side fluids: water, pressurized water, glycol and water blend. In the near future, refrigerant and steam.
– Max. plant cooling capacity: 500 kW
– Max. plant heating capacity: 650 kW

The tunnel will be built inside the Varallo Pombia factory. It will be separate from offices and workshop. It covers a 120 square meters surface.

The wind tunnel will be used for:

1) Considerably increase our precision in the thermal selection.
2) Validate performances for heat exchangers needed for special project ( we can test an heat exchanger sample for a special project together with the customer. Furthermore, we can also decide to modify the selection according to the real data collected )
3) Optimize and improve our products
4) Study new products and geometry
5) Study phenomenons connected to our products like condensate carryover, airflow maldistribution..
6) Heat exchangers or other component measurement for third parts.