In order to be excellent, a coils selection software needs to be reliable, flexible, concise and easy to use:

Our comprehensive software allows us to work efficiently, which in turn minimises the possibility of errors.

Our software was first developed in 1998. Since then, we have continuously developed and improved it right up to the current version. Our software is not simply a commercial tool suitable for our needs, but an original project constantly evolving. We have worked closely with various institutions both in Europe and in the United States when designing our software. This has included many hours of programming and comprehensive laboratory tests
of our components. We have also worked on several projects in collaboration with Universities specialising in heat transfer. Every heat exchanger that we manufacture is bespoke. For this reason our software helps us design and manufacture the right heat exchanger for the application required. Up to date, this is one of the most advanced software on the market. It is available both in stand-alone version and also DDL format allowing it to be used within our customers’ software.

Heat Exchangers design


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